Reviews of The Reincarnation Controversy

Reviewed by: Terry Cole-Whittaker

Reincarnation, or the transmigration of the soul, is a path every person travels. This book is a thorough discourse on the science of reincar­nation, and a most valuable book for any person who desires to know who they are, why things happen to them and what they can do to ensure a better life in the present and the future.
—Terry Cole-Whittaker, D.D., New York Times listed best-selling author
How to Have More in a Have Not World

Reviewed by: Dr. Guy L. Beck

The subject of reincarnation is one of the most misunderstood in the popular imagination. Steven Rosen’s book, The Reincarnation Controversy: Uncovering the Truth in the World Religions, clears up many myths and stereotypes and presents in a concise form the many types of reincamationist thought found in the major world religions. It is a pleasure to see so many sources collected and summarized into a nice small volume, which will be effective in educating students and public readers alike.
—Dr. Guy L. Beck, Dept, of Religious Studies, Loyola University