The Final Journey, New Edition



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Complete Hospice Care For Departing Vaishnavas

Drawing upon the author’s extensive experience as a registered nurse specializing in hospice and palliative care, this book includes topics such as:

  • History of hospice care and present day practices and protocol
  • Allopathic and alternative options for decreasing pain and other disease symptoms
  • Emotional stages of the dying patient and how to assist
  • Caring for the patient, as well as the family members
  • How to become a better caregiver by becoming a better listener
  • Practical considerations and a "Back-to-Basics" approach to increasing one's comfort
  • Compassionate care and how to increase one's communication with the dying patient
  • How to recognize spiritual pain and how you can help
  • Respect for one’s spiritual desires and convictions

And much more...

The Final Journey is an excellent, user-friendly resource for anyone who is providing care to a terminally ill loved one. It is the only book of its kind to address the specific needs of a dying Vaishnava. However, since the printing of the first edition in 2001, The Final Journey has proven to assist those who hold other spiritual values and beliefs as well. It offers the caregiver practical ways to provide "quality of life" to anyone preparing to pass away from this world.

2nd edition; updated and revised (52 additional pages).






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