Diary of a Traveling Preacher Vol. 7 (Jan. 2006 – Nov. 2006)



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Diary of a Traveling Preacher, Vol. 7 is like having a front-row seat in a class about Srila Prabhupada’s mission. It is all there in Indradyumna Maharaja’s life and diary.

Harinam Sankirtan: You can read about an eleven-year-old girl who covered her ears to block the sound but ended up putting on a makeshift sari and running to join the Harinam.

Taking risks: Maharaja’s diary reads like an adventure movie: being attacked by skinheads and fanatical Muslims, being robbed by corrupt immigration officials, escaping from a dishonest taxi driver in the dead of night on a deserted street – all for the sake of giving Lord Krishna’s holy name to the unfortunate souls.

Kirtans and Festivals: Anyone who has heard his playing and singing knows that he follows this teaching to perfection, not to mention the dazzling stage shows: dance groups, martial arts, a reggae band, Vedic weddings, and plays.

Book Distribution: Maharaja sets the example, first as an individual. Everywhere he goes – on a plane or on the street – he has a book handy to give someone. And as a leader? You can read about the guests going to the book table at his festivals.

Prasadam: You will smile when you read about the restaurants in the one town throwing away tons of meat after the visitors at the Woodstock Festival all went to eat at Indradyumna Maharaja’s prasadam tent.

And there’s more. Welcome to Diary of a Traveling Preacher – where everyone gets a front-row seat to watch Srila Prabhupada’s teachings in action.



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