Istvan Tasi and Balzs Hornyanszky

The authors of the book Nature's IQ are Balazs Hornyanszky, bio-engineer, and Istvan Tasi, cultural anthropologist. Balazs Hornyanszky collected and analyzed most of the examples in the book. Istvan Tasi assisted in composing the examples and arranging them into a book format, as well as in writing the last chapter.
Monika Jegyernik, a medical student, continuously assisted us in the work. All work as teachers and researchers in the Vedic Science Research Center, the aim of which is studying and teaching Indian Vaishnava culture.
The research center compares the culture and philosophy of Vaishvavism with its western counterparts and the results of different disciplines of our day in many fields. The object of scrutiny in Natures IQ is the theory of evolution, the basis of contemporary biology and ethology. In the last chapter of the book they briefly present the Vedic view on the origin of species and the behavior of animals.

Nature's IQ



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Darwin’s theory of evolution is widely accepted as the explanation for the varieties of life. Evolutionists attempt to explain the origin of behavioral patterns by gradual modifications of more simple behavior forms. But when we try to explain complex animal behavior this way, it becomes impossible.

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