Dhanesvara das

Dhanesvara Das (Don Rousse), MS, is a social healer, social economist, spiritual teacher, speaker and monk. He is a father of three wonderful people and the grandfather (so far) of two. His interests include  applying Vedic Dharma to current cultural and social issues, especially economic activity, and developing practices that encourage and support the gift economy. Dhanesvara was initiated into the Gaudiya-Vaishnava sampradaya spiritual order 40 years ago, which introduced him to his current way of life. He travels throughout the United States, Europe, India, and the former Soviet Union teaching the methods of living a spiritual life, Spiritual Economics, spiritual psychology, etc. Besides writing for his websites and blogs, he is currently working on his next book “Change the Karma!” aimed at helping protesters worldwide understand the
root cause of our global problems.


Spiritual Economics



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The merciless money powers have set the world ablaze. Nobody is spared. And everybody, it seems, is destined to be sacrificed on the altar of greed. Good people know that something must be done. They tell us what we need to do. How to do it though, they cannot say.

But the economic problem has been solved long, long ago. The answers lie in the quintessential spiritual wisdom of Bhagavad-gita. The solution is — Spiritual Economics — a joyous process for living that brings a world of abundance and prosperity, with peace and harmony for everyone.

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